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Solicitation Helper ZigysDog

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[1] What is your name?
- Storm

[2] How old are you?
- 14

[3] What is your Minecraft name?
- ZigysDog

[4] Discord name + Tag (name # 0000)

[5] Why do you want to apply for a staff member?
-I would like to apply because I am a very nice boy I like to help others people and I thought it would be nice to become a staff on a skyblock server and also know a lot of commands can also build well so can actually become a staff / builder: D

[6] Do you already have experience with being a staff?
DAPrisons [10 to 35 people]

Was a small prison server, I was an Admin there. I left because inactive players played on that server. I did not have to do much on that server and it was not that difficult to be a staff member.

Ox Pvp [200 to 600 people]

I was a moderator at Ox pvp. I have learned a lot from it. I learned a lot from Screenshare because it was a hcf server and they did a lot of hacking and they used car clicks or x-ray and therefore I learned a lot to be a staff. And I found it very difficult because I had to do a lot and had almost no time to pimp. Ox pvp was 1 of the first HCF server, about 200 to 500 people per day.

MineTitan [50 to 100 people]
I was old mod on the MineTitan server that were fun times but then the server went down. I was always often online and had never commented. https://gyazo.com/d7dcb1cbefc79c9c682dd45022b3a9a7 a picture but then hot I still HCFMaps and if you do not believe then you can always view me namemc! https://nl.namemc.com/profile/ZigysDog.1

IckCraft [100 to 200 people]
I was staff at ickcraft but was fired further I did not care because your ass is nothing like a helper. And that was a Faction server a Dutch faction server.

(if so, why did you stop there or are you still active there as a staff?)

-I am nowhere more staff but all those servers are stopped except ick but there I am fired.

[7] Why should we hire you as staff and not someone else?
-Respect: I show mutual respect to everyone whether I like them or not and treat everyone with the same respect, I do not get caught up in silly arguments and stay focused on the task I have been set which is to moderate the server. I am a genuine person and am nice to almost everyone and try to stay professional at all times in front of players.

Communication: My communication is one of my main skills, I am very good at communicating with staff members and players and stay calm in hard situations and always have a calm, professional approach to any problems I will face and when a problem is out of hand or I cannot deal with it I will always contact a higher staff like the owners to assist me.

I will also be very active in Disord of there are problems or problems. I will also talk a lot with players to make friends.

Maturity: I am very mature for my age and treat everyone with respsect. I am not toxic nor immature and can act responsible and professional at all times was well as having a sense of humour. I follow the rules of the server at all times and don't get caught up in arguments or heated situations and act my age.

[9] What are your weaknesses?
-I can sometimes be toxic but otherwise stop it I can't stand it myself if someone scolds me quickly but I will then immediately a mute so that I do not respond

[10] Why would you like to be staff on VoidMC instead of a different server?
-I have never actually been on a skyblock server staff and I thought it would be nice to be on son server staff, I am very active and actually do my job on the server and I am not staff on other server either.

[11] Do you have a program that you can use to record evidence if necessary?
-I can record have a good computer so I can always record things so that I am someone and he says it is unfair that I can always prove that he really should be a ban.

[12] How often can you be online? (Make a schedule for this).
-Monday - if I am not online then with my father parents divorced therefore.
Tuesday - if I am not online then with my father parents divorced therefore.

Wednesday - 6 hours
Thursday - 6 Hours
Friday - 7 Hours
Saturday - 10- Hours
Sunday - 10 Hours
That's the time i have for playing.

[13] Have you ever been banned from the server or the discord?

[14] What do you find important about a staff team?
-It is important because people have to be helped on the server and that is the task of the staff team.

[15] Do you have a working microphone?
-Yes its very good.

[SCENARIO] Suppose there is lag on the server and someone says there is lag, how do you respond?
-Then I will apologize and immediately ask senior staff members what the problem is to resolve it faster.

[SCENARIO] Suppose there are a number of hackers, and your permissions are bugging, how do you solve this?
-Then I will just banish them because they hack or I will SS them for a while so that I am sure I can see that they have hacks on.

[SCENARIO] Imagine you are alone in a server as a helper. The questions are flying around you and you cannot help everyone at the same time. What are you doing now?
-I would try to answer so many questions and if there is a staff online then I will discord their pm that there are many questions that he should be on the server briefly.

[SCENARIO] Imagine people who have been banished coming back on an alt what do you do? (As a helper you have no / ban or / IPban permissions)

-Then I will pass that on to a senior staff member that he can ban him from the server. And that he certainly checks for a moment whether it is not his brother or something else.

[FINALLY] Do you want to add something yourself? Or are there any things that we should take into account? (Think of diseases such as Autism, ADHD etc. Divorced Parents (Therefore little online) Exam year etc.
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