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First of all, thank you for your interest in entering our staff team.
Before you can enter the team, we expect you to complete an application form that you can find at the bottom of this topic.
We would like you to place your application HERE and create a new thread for your application with the following name: [Development Application] [Name]

Good luck!

LetsFlame_ | Lead Development / Owner VoidMC
AhSabhi | Owner VoidMC

Here are a few extra tips:
-We prefer people with a minimum age of 14 years or older. (Exceptions are possible)
-Minimum Java knowledge of at least 1 year.
-Knowledge about SQL. (MySQL, MariaDB etc.)
-We prefer people who are already active on the server and the discord server.
-Furthermore, an oral conversation will be held in discord after you have been accepted.

The questions:

[1] What is your name?

[2] What is your age?

[3] What is your Minecraft name?

[4] Discord name + tag (Name # 0000)

[5] Why do you want to apply for the Developer position?

[6] Do you already have experiences with Developing for other servers?

[7] Why do we have to hire you as a Developer?

[8] What are your strengths?

[9] What are your weaknesses?

[10] How much time can you spend on Developing / the server? [Make a schedule of this]

[11] Which languages do you speak? How long, and make a precentage of 0% - 100% how well you master this language.

[12] Do you have a code hub or gitlab? A hastebin with code is also good.

[SCENARIO] You get an assignment, but you are busy with school or any other activities. How would you respond to this?

[SCENARIO] If you can't get anywhere, how would you solve this?

Are there still things that we need to take into account? [Think of diseases, home situations, School exams, etc.] Would you like to add something yourself?
Not open for further replies.